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Chrstianity Today, la sectiunea filme, face o recenzie interesanta si usor fada a mult laudatului film al lui Mungiu, 4 luni 3 saptamani 2 zile. Remarc tonul dulceag in care autorul recenziei atrage atentia ca:

The abortion itself is handled in a way that could be seen to support both sides of the abortion debate. Bebe (Vlad Ivanov), the man who provides the abortion, berates the women for failing to follow his instructions to the letter, and the demands he makes in exchange for his services are deeply disturbing and abusive. Some viewers might conclude that crimes like his are the inevitable result when abortion itself is criminalized, and so the procedure ought to be kept legal and above-board.

 Ramane de vazut cum va primi publicul filmul.

PS. Publicul sunteti VOI.

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