Principiile unui lider eficient – Charles Swindoll

1. No Number 1 provided!
2. Don’t kill the spark of individuality.
3. Cultivate a climate where comfortable questions can be asked.
4. Don’t carve the internal structure in stone. Most organizations have a structure that was designed to solve problems that no longer exist.
5. Have an adequate system of internal communication.
6. Don’t become prisoners of procedures. The rule book grows fatter as the ideas grow fewer.
7. Combat the tendency toward the vested interest of a few. In the long run, everyone’s vested interest is in the continuing vitality of the organization.
8. The organization must be more interested in what it is going to become than in what it has been.
9. An organization runs on motivation, conviction, and morale. Each person has to believe that his or her efforts as an individual will mean something for the whole and will be recognized by the whole.
10. The profit-and-loss statement is not a clear measure of present performance.

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